Heart to Home

This is an art healing program designed to assist children who have been impacted by cancer. The group sessions will utilize art to further cultivate sharing and strengthen the connection between mentees and their mentors. Group art activities will help provide mentees safe avenues for self-expression, increase coping skills and address the impact of cancer on the youth. Through creative activities as well as connecting and sharing amongst the group, mentees will gain access to additional support in dealing with painful circumstances as well as skills to reduce stress, build resilience and increase self confidence.

• FREE of charge quarterly program for Friendships in the Walk With Sally Mentoring Program

• A 1.5 – 2 hr. facilitated group art activity session lead by Leyla Salmassian (MFT-trainee/Clinical Art Therapy Student)

• Each art activity is designed to provide safe avenues to address the impact of cancer by way of self expression


• Enrolled in the Walk With Sally Mentoring Program

• Have a parent, sibling, or guardian who has been impacted by cancer

• Struggling to deal with the impact that cancer has had on themselves and their families


• Enrolled in the Walk With Sally Mentoring Program

• Have a parent, sibling or guardian who has been impacted by cancer, or they themselves are cancer survivors

• The volunteers must provide transportation and support for their mentees during the art session



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“HeART to Home is about guiding these children and creating opportunities for them to lean-in, be brave and find hope and healing in their own courage.”

Leyla, H2H Volunteer Leader

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