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Grief in all it’s Glory

Grief isn’t comfortable. It is not something we like to talk about as adults, let alone talk about with children.   Unfortunately, grief is a reality for a lot of children. November 17th is Children’s Grief Awareness Day, and we wanted to take the time at Walk With Sally to explain all that grief is. […]

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Pink Prevention

As pink pops into our lives this time of year, remember the reason for this season.   Breast cancer affects a large amount of people in the United States. Thankfully fatal cases are dwindling due to early detection and advanced, tailored treatment plans.   So as you see, wear, and support the pink, remember to put […]

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She’s a Survivor

National Cancer Survivor Day is coming up on June 5th! Congratulations to all the survivors out there! In our community, we know each cancer story is unique. However, we understand each others’ disbelief, fear, love in our families, and joy when “good news” comes along in our journey. Today, a cancer survivor takes the stage […]


Hey there, pretty Mamas!

This is dedicated to the woman who gave you life, carried you around for 9 months, and to this day probably calls just to check in around 50 times a day. She always does her best for you, which seems to surpass the capabilities of any normal human being.   A lot of us in […]