WWS Happenings Spring 2017

Si Hablamos Espanol

Nearly every day we are faced with a challenge, a potential mentee wants to take part in the Walk With Sally mentoring program, however his parents only speak Spanish. Thanks to the Tower Cancer Research Foundation’s Community Partners grant we have been able to create a Spanish Speaking program to help this population throughout Los Angeles County. Our full-time bilingual Program Coordinator is now able to speak with these families, understand their concerns, and help recruit bilingual volunteers to help out. Ariel, was one of those potential mentees, his mom and dad only speak Spanish. But, thanks to our Spanish Speaking program, we were able to find Dustin, and match him with Ariel earlier this month, just as Ariel’s mom began her battle with breast cancer. Dustin is bilingual, communicates well with mom and dad, and shares a love of reading with Ariel. Right now Ariel has a hard time expressing his feelings and focusing in school, but Dustin will be there to offer extra support through their friendship.

Dustin & Ariel – Matched 3/2/17

Two of our Junior Mentors – Emily & Kristina

Volunteering Today – Leading Tomorrow

At Walk With Sally we love our volunteers and mentors, but we are also trying to help build the future leaders of tomorrow. The Junior Mentor Program is designed to do just that, to engage older mentees on a deeper level while giving them a leadership role within the Walk With Sally Mentoring Program. We are encouraging our mentees to give back, just as so many others have done around them through Walk With Sally. If the mentee chooses to participate in the Junior Mentor Program they will become a candidate for Walk With Sally’s Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship. We currently have 10 active junior mentors that have already volunteered 48.75 hours in 2017 assisting in everything from special events to office administrative work.

What happens after Walk With Sally? 

We are committed to instilling hope in our mentees and their families when they are hit with cancer. One way to instill hope for the future is to help our mentees think about the road after high school. We want to help our mentees thrive in their secondary education, so we started offering the Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship. “Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship allowed me to accomplish my education with confidence. Instead of being a student worried about even more financial debt, I was allowed to take less time working and more time dedicated to my studies. Also it gave me more time to expand my opportunities to volunteer and give back to my community. I was allowed to have the time to apply for graduate school in Marriage and Family Therapy and get accepted! Fred’s Future Scholarship was truly an honor to receive.” Dezi two time recipient of Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship and Walk With Sally mentee

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