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Beacon of Light Award Honoree

Lifetime Friendship Award Honorees

The Beacon of Light Award honors a business or individuals who show exemplary dedication and commitment throughout the year to Walk With Sally’s programs and services to support children and families impacted by cancer.

Since 2008, Chevron has been side by side supporting Walk With Sally and our mission.

Chevron is a community leader with a long history of supporting organizations who are making a profound impact on the neighborhoods we live in. After hearing how important Walk With Sally is to our community, Chevron knew they had to find ways to contribute and support WWS in our mission. Chevron has been committed to support beyond the “check,” employee engagement has ranged from committed committee members to some of our best mentors, helping to shine the light of hope for kids who are dealing with their family member’s cancer. Chevron and it’s employees have become an integral part of helping Walk With Sally grow throughout Los Angeles County.

It seems as though nearly everyone has been impacted by cancer in one way or another. As Walk With Sally mentor & Chevron employee, Jeff Wilson, has said, “It was fundamental for Chevron to partner with Walk With Sally. The impact Walk With Sally has on the community is so apparent, so meaningful, so personal and so widespread, it was integral that Chevron be a part of this.”

These are the reasons why Walk With Sally is pleased to introduce Chevron as this year’s Beacon of Light recipient!

Thank you Chevron, for your continued support for over a decade! We will be forever thankful for all that you have helped us to accomplish!!

This year we wish to honor Kristina McKibbin, Walk With Sally (WWS) Mentee and Junior Mentor and her mentors Jenna Wigman and Marlo Roquemore.

Kristina was first introduced to WWS in 2011, as her mom was navigating the aftermath of surgeries and treatments to cure brain cancer that had begun spreading before Kristina was born. Kristina joined WWS to access a community and support system that could help guide her through this difficult experience. Reflecting on her experience, Kristina said, “Taking care of my mom was, and is, exceedingly difficult. I never had that traditional mother figure in my life. Throughout the years in tough times, one thing that has always been there for me is Walk With Sally.” One of the most important constants was the WWS mentoring program where Kristina met Jenna and then Marlo. Jenna was matched with Kristina for 5 years, helping her gently navigate her early teen years. She chose to become a mentor, because of the many loved ones in her life that were impacted by cancer and understood the importance of simply showing up. “Mentoring Kristina been in invaluably rewarding experience for me. It means so much to connect with people who truly understand what you have been through and can openly talk about your hopes, fears and dreams!”

Jenna’s life shifted, taking her to New York City, but this didn’t stop her from sustaining communication and her ties to the WWS community. After Jenna’s move to NYC, we matched Kristina with Marlo! Marlo, like Kristina, completely understands the emotional tornado of witnessing your mom battle cancer. She was 14 when it all began. Marlo grew up, the way many kids in WWS experience their cancer journey, confused and helpless; not being able to understand or do anything about it. Her mom ultimately beat cancer during Marlo’s teenage years, but was re-diagnosed in 2016 and lost her battle to lung cancer in 2018. Throughout those 2 years, Marlo was able to build a strong bond and friendship with Kristina. Founded on the common thread of cancer, these two have become sisters and their Friendship serves as an important example of the power of the WWS program and importance of developing these relationships.

Kristina has been inspired by these strong women and has gained crucial life skills, including leadership and philanthropy, from her experience as a mentee and role as a junior mentor.

From public speaking and supporting fundraising efforts, to learning about job applications and receiving the Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship, she is unstoppable. As she moves on to pursue Health Sciences at Cal State Long Beach she hopes to stay connected to this beloved community of hers, and become a mentor one day! We are so very proud of you Kristina and thank Jenna and Marlo for their dedication to the program through the years as well! Congratulations to you three on being exemplary models inside the Walk With Sally program!