Who’s Your Hero?

In honor of Walk With Sally’s 9th Annual Bowl-A-Thon on March 12th, we often ask #WhyDoYouBowl, but with this year’s theme we’ve asked our mentors “Who’s Your Hero?”

{pictured above}

“Patrick. Duh.” – Chris, mentor matched with Patrick, 3.5 years


“Spiderman is my hero, I was 10 when I first watched the movie, and I fell in love with his strong character, I loved how brave he was!” – Rubia, mentor matched with Bella, 3 months


“My hero is Chloe’s mom, Melissa. She is raising two beautiful girls by herself now and doing a great job! Chloe is 8 and Emma is 2… not easy under any circumstances yet she still manages to stay grounded and so is Chloe” – Amy, mentor matched with Chloe, 1 year

These are the reasons why we bowl. Who is YOUR hero?

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