In Case You Missed It | June 2021 Programming Events

In Case You Missed It | June 2021 Programming Events

Written by: Jen Tomo, Program Coordinator at Walk With Sally

Better Together

At Walk With Sally, the magic is in the mentorship. That one on one connection lights the spark, but when we join together as a community, we light up the whole world! June was filled with programming events that kindled connection, inspired hope and fueled us to support one another through the laughs and the tears.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

The Bug Chicks Workshop

Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker, also known as “The Bug Chicks”, are Entomologists & educators inspiring people of all ages to find their inner bug dork! Arthropods (insects, spiders and their relatives) are endlessly fascinating and our mentees and mentors got a chance to see that first hand! During this virtual workshop, Kristie and Jessica spoke about their worldwide research and teachings of entomology. They introduced their favorite arthropods through a Celestron microscope while the mentees and mentors were able to learn fun facts and ask questions. By the end of this interactive workshop, the stigma of bugs flew away!

Heart to Home

Heart to Home is always filled with creativity, inspiration and healing, and June’s event was no different. This session utilized art to further cultivate sharing and strengthen the connection between mentees and their mentors. This beautiful day opened up with a yoga session, followed by conversation about acceptance. Mentors and mentees opened up about their frustrations, what makes them angry and they learned how to use the acceptance tool when those emotions arise. Each child was given a journal where they wrote examples on how to deal with situations out of their control.

After the group discussion, artist Rafael led a meditation to open the mind and calm the spirit. The friendships then were assigned an art coach and were given opportunities to express themselves creatively. Mentees had the chance to experience the art of graffiti, sculpting, VR and acrylic painting. They were able to take home the pieces they created along with a plush toy donated by Sanrio!

One of the mentees, Ashley Lorenzo; created a piece with graffiti and acrylic, honoring her dad who passed away in 2020. She used his favorite colors and added his initials. The mentor was very touched by this and she is thinking of enrolling Ashley and her in the Resin art classes. They were able to share this impactful moment together after this only being their second time seeing each other in person! They were just matched this month. What a beautiful memory they now have.

Mentor Roundtable: Reconnecting

There is light at the end of this pandemic tunnel and at Walk With Sally, we are excited to reconnect with our amazing community! So what better theme for this month’s Mentor Roundtable than Reconnecting?

Miriam Stein, mentor and Walk With Sally mental health consultant, led an inspiring meditation that opened our hearts to accept the love that surrounds us and open our minds to share the emotions we are experiencing. We then discussed the celebrations and challenges we faced during Covid. We provided advice and reached out to support one another. We provided tips on how to effectively communicate with our mentees in this virtual world, and discussed the exciting in person events Walk With Sally has planned for the rest of the year! We ended the impactful discussion by playing a video of mentee Sterling giving a speech to our donors.

Walk With Sally would not be possible without our amazing mentors. They go above and beyond for their mentees and we were happy to give them a safe space where they could freely express themselves and seek advice when needed.

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