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Mentor Spotlight: Josh, D-Day + Mac-N-Cheese

It’s no secret we love our Mentors. They’re absolutely incredible. Josh (mentor) was matched with Joey (mentee) 8/27/16. They have done some incredible things together and we love seeing these two at Friendship Activities. Especially when Joey decides to show up in World War II paraphernalia to our Bay Club Day. It was quite the […]

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The Absolute JOY of giving.

A lot happens when you give a gift. We aren’t just giving a materialistic thing.   Many times, we we are giving experiences. Some of these monetary or “materialistic” donations create opportunity, friendship, and the ability to pursue passions.   By giving hiking boots, you can give the gift of the outdoors and nature. A […]

Appreciation, Friendship Activity, Mentors & Mentees

Building Friendships + Gingerbread Houses

This last Sunday, we spent the afternoon surrounded by icing, gingerbread, and so many treats it’s hard to keep track (sugar-rushes are okay during the holidays, right?).   Santa made a guest appearance, along with mentors, mentees, mentors-in-waiting, and mentees who have yet to meet their match.   Constructing a Gingerbread House is similar to constructing […]